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  • 3️⃣ Questions to Ask Yourself When Considering a Rebrand:

During a rebrand, it's a great opportunity to evaluate your brand and decide what you want to be known for... Take a moment and ask yourself... 1. Are you still serving the same audience today that you were when you started your business?

2. Have you gained valuable experience like certification? Does your branding reflect your new expertise?

3. Is your core offering changing or are you keeping it the same?

We as people grow and therefore our businesses and our brands grow and change so it's 100% okay to pivot and re-evaluate so it feels like YOU. 🤔What quality do you admire most in other female entrepreneurs out there?
  • As a Coach or Online Entrepreneur Sales Pages can truly make or break the bank.

So I wanted to share with you some key pieces to making yours stand out! Don't forget these things are all optional but if you're going to do it, do a good job of it!



This is something that is very powerful if you can include it. 

You want to create amazing imaginary and show people what they are going to get.


You want to position yourself as an expert and make sure to connect your story to why you are the one that people should want to learn from, 

showcase where you or your products have been featured to immediately establish trust and rapport.


Videos are great to use on a sales page to quickly connect and communicate a lot of important information.


What's in the program, course, product, etc. Use “you” twice as much as “I” in this copy.


Make sure people have a good understanding of whether they are a good fit for your offer or not.


show people what a great deal they are getting by comparing what the program could cost them or the expenses they would incur if they didn’t get access to your information.


This would be making different pricing options - basic vs. VIP, that type of thing!


Offering payment options such as breaking one large payment into two or three smaller options always increases sales. 

Provide people with resources that are going to help them get better results faster.


Include testimonials from your clients and testimonials from your peers.


Make sure you extend the offer long enough so that people actually can see results.


Tell people exactly what you want them to do!



A great way to create social proof is through a widget like Proof.


Speak to your customers directly. Use the exact wording they do to describe their struggles.

20. BE YOU!!! 💃💃💃
  • 4️⃣ Main Types Of Content Your Ideal Client Wants to See From You

Hey gorgeous! 🥰So as you may or may not know I've been in the online business space since 2014 and I've seen A LOT. I've grown and changed SO much throughout the years trying to figure out my career and pursuing my own business, discovering what I truly wanted to do, helping my hubby grow our grain farm, becoming a Mom to two girls and you have been with me through it all so thank you for sticking around 🤗. But there are certain things that may never change and when it comes to marketing and content creation, here are 4 categories to help get you started and hey... don't ever forget you're talking to another human at the other end 😊💛. ⠀


Giving value to your audience/followers/subscribers is not only teaching them or entertaining or inspiring them but is positioning yourself as an expert and authority in your niche. You are, so you better believe it! Valuable content will build the like, know & trust factor AND will have people hitting the follow button so they keep coming back for more. ⠀


This is where you are totally transparent with your audience. What makes you... you? Share YOUR story - different parts of your life, who you are, and what you've gone through. A lot of times, the things you think aren't going to do well or will be too much detail - is sometimes the best performing!! ⠀


This is where you share testimonials, social proof, because knowing that other people have seen results from your services or products is powerful! What result can you give your ideal client? ⠀


Think about this as serving vs. selling. This is how you solve the problem that your ideal client/customer is having - your products/services are the solution to their problem. How can they take action and apply what you are offering to fix their pain points or struggles (those things that keep them up at night!). What's your fave type of content to create or to consume? Drop it below and tag one of your favourite entreprenurs!! ⬇️
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Website & Blog:
  • My happy place 👩‍💻🌻💛. My Grandma was an ambitious woman stuck in the 1940's but became one of the few woman pilots nonetheless ✈️and my Grandpa worked in advertising (the handwritten kind!! He was amazing at Calligraphy and was even in an old Puma ad!) and his favourite colour was yellow so I feel like I'm making those two proud in this photo. 🥰

I am so grateful to all the women in the past who strove to have what we have now and I feel like it would be a shame to waste it ✨. Who do you want to make proud? What's your background?
  • I 💜 creating the strategy and colours and design for the brand because there's so much more to it than meets the eye 👁️. Plus this reminds me of the second Sex & the City movie and their desert adventure 🐫🏜️ so it was super fun to create. Anybody else ever watch that show or movies?! P.S. Had a family emergency last week so finally just trying to get caught up! Hope you have a great weekend!! Cheers!
Jess 👩‍💻: Colour palette done by Email me from my bio or go to to book your Brand or Website Design spot for September! 📸: Photographer unknown please tag if you do!
  • 😍Hey gorgeous!! If we haven't met yet I'm Jess, a Brand & Website Designer for Female Entrepreneurs & Coaches and this is just my friendly reminder to you to STOP playing small!

A little backstory: I grew up on a 🐴🐄farm by a small town called Clearwater of 60 people and am now living by a completely new small town with my 🌾 grain farming hubby and raising two of my own girls👨‍👩‍👧‍👧. And let me tell ya, just because I live "in the middle of nowhere" I'm not letting anything stop me. I'm obsessed with branding and online business and helping business owners launch themselves into the world to share their passion and their dreams. Have been since.....okay well if you ask my friends I'm that person that can find anything on anyone on social media ever since we first got on Facebook in 2007. I love social media. I love the power and the opportunity the internet has given us to create amazing lives for ourselves.

I love to have fun🎉 and I love to work hard💪 and I'm determined to grow this business even more than I already have

I believe (and know) that you should never let your location🌍 or anybody else limit your dreams🙅. If your goals and dreams🔮and success triggers others either in a positive or a negative way it's okay - you are showing them and giving them the opportunity to grow.

You have the ✨power✨ to create your life exactly how you want it.

You need to start showing up as your FULLEST most realest self. Because you playing small is not serving anyone.

And 💁 I believe you owe it to yourself to at least try.

If there's something you've always wanted to do, do it!

And if you've had someone's beliefs put on you that make you feel like you can't, I'm here to tell you, YOU CAN.

Drop a 💃🙌🏻 if you are working on creating your best life!!! Lotsa love,

P.S. Where are you from?! Leave it below & let's connect!!!
  • Discovering your ideal clients pain points is SUPER important because you have to know how you can help them!(Plus make it clear on your social media and your website). .

Example: 🏡Housekeepers may know that Moms want to hire them because they're tired, want to play more with their kids and just don't have the time or want to use that time doing better things. So you would touch on these points in your marketing!

Here are some questions to start with:

Ask yourself: What is the solution you are offering? Read over your past testimonials and look for patterns of problems solved.

When you’re speaking to a potential client, what do you they say? What are they looking for?

Survey your audience on social media or your mailing list and ask about their problems in relation to your products/services.

Ask yourself: How can your products/services make someone’s life better?

Is there a bigger issue that your brand is defeating?

What will your ideal client’s life look like if they DON’T get what they want? What happens if they never discover your offering? 
BONUS points if you answer one of these questions below!! 🤩