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  • "What will people think?" "What will people say?" "Who am I to do this?" "What will my family and friends think?" "What if I'm not good enough?" "How will I compete with the people who have been doing this for years?" Guess what - these fears and these thoughts are NORMAL - I doubt there's many Entrepreneurs and Coaches who haven't had some form of these thoughts creep into their mind. But either way they got started.

So what are you waiting for?

To lose that last 10Lbs, to take yet another course, to have the perfect Insta feed, to find a magical juice that will give you aaaall the confidence?

When you close yourself off because of fear or doubt and decide that you're not enough, you're doing a disservice to the people and the clients are waiting for you to take action.

People buy from people. It’s so easy to procrastinate building your personal brand because it feels safe and comfortable to stay exactly where you are. But if it makes you scared and uncomfortable it’s your opportunity to grow into the business owner and brand you want to be.

So no matter what you do and no matter how you look just show up with confidence, even if you have to fake it a little bit at first.

Nothing you want is going to come to you if you just sit there waiting for it - you need to take action, no matter how messy that action is.

So do the thing that scares you because pretty soon it won't scare you anymore And whenever you find yourself doubting how far you can go, just remember how far you've come ✨. 👩‍💻Brand & Website Design ------------------------------------------------------------ ------------ 🔥
  • If you’re the face of your brand it is so crucial to build trust and allow your potential clients to get to know the real you behind your name.

One of the most effective ways to do this is through your branding photos - both on your website and social media.

As a website designer I see SO many women whose photos don't truly capture their brand (so much so that I want to get a good camera and add Personal Brand Photographer to my list of services) or they're just low quality. It might fly in some places - but your website is not a place to skimp out on things like that because great branding photos are worth SO MUCH.

Maybe you've just thrown any old photo up on your website, without really giving it a second thought thinking "it'll do for now". That’s all well and good, but remember that your dream client IS going to give it a second thought. They’ll make immediate assumptions based on what they see.

So here are my tips on truly  being intentional when it comes to your brand visuals:

How to Prep for a Brand Photoshoot:

1. Clarify the message you want to convey - what vibe and feel do you want to give off?) Base any outfits and props around this. Are you more bohemian and a free spirit or are you edgy and bold? Is your style and brand more high end or casual?

2. Put your plan together:
A) Locations/Backdrops
B) Clothing, Accessories & Props
C) Hair & Make-up
D) Poses & facial expressions

3. Actually set up an appointment with a photographer - if you need personal brand photoshoot ideas DM me I have a ton! @wendykyalom is my favourite inspo! *Pro Tip: if your photos are for your website make sure they are high resolution and you get some in landscape where you are off-center!
  • If a potential client were to come to your IG feed, what would they learn?

The reason I talk about Instagram and social media so much is because while I am a Brand & Website Designer, you can't just launch a website and just expect people to find you right away. Your website is what converts people into leads and clients (if done well) but people have to get there first! There are different ways, through blogging and SEO, Google, Pinterest, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram (duh!), Etc. that we use to make it easier.

Ask yourself these 3️⃣ Questions before you start working on engagement and getting found by potential clients on IG:

Why are you on Instagram?

Who are you talking to on Instagram?

What actions do you want your posts to inspire people to do?

Once you've got that figured - go and ACTIVELY seek out your target market! Use your 30 hashtags and then go find out where your ideal client is hanging out - who they follow, hashtags they use, etc and engage with them!

What counts as engagement:


I would suggest doing a variety of all of the above because you want them to notice you!

What questions do you have about finding your dream clients on Instagram?
  • 5️⃣ Tips for Writing Powerful Posts and Copy on Your Website

RISE & shine gorgeous! So this is something that gets so overlooked, but it is so important and here's my top tips! 
1. Understandwho you’re talking to. None of us find writing to an ‘audience’ easy. Instead, think of someone very specific – even if you’re writing something that’s going to be read by thousands of people, like a website.

2. Establish why your ideal client needs what you’re selling. Why should they pick you? And what’s going to make them want what you have to sell? Think about their greatest desires and their deepest fears. How does your business help them? Why do they need you? Why will they want you?

3. Imagine you’re face to face with your dream client having a chat. What do you want to tell them? Think about the sort of conversation you might have. The reasons they might give you for not picking you or going ahead. What would you tell them? What do you think they need to hear to pick you? Make it clear and concise.

4.Make it about them not you. You’ll capture the attention of your prospective customer if you think of things from their perspective rather than yours. You will want to think about why they need or want you and talk to them in a way that they can empathise with.

5. Be yourself!!! When you find writing difficult or you’re feeling under confident in your business it’s easy to ‘model’ yourself on someone in your industry that you admire. Don’t do it! Be yourself, have confidence in your business, your offering and your own voice. Write as you’d speak, it’s much more engaging and it’ll be totally unique because no one will ever speak quite like you ➡️Copy should pull at people's emotions and inspire action. And you don’t get that by following a formula from a website or from swapping out a few words that you’ve seen on someone else’s website. You get it by taking the time and the trouble to sit down and understand what makes your business wonderful.

Have fun with it and enjoy the process! This is your opportunity to tell the world what you do and be proud of it!
  • ✨How to Get Noticed Online ✨
Hi gorgeous! It is TIME to STAND OUT! But how do you do that on a platform with billions of people on it?


Plain and simple, we live in a fast-paced, online world. I have not only heard this from marketing experts time and time again, but I also couldn’t agree more – if you want to succeed in business, you MUST have a website.

Not just a Facebook page. Not just an Instagram profile. You need a website dedicated to your business, your services and your brand. A website not only allows you to provide information about your business background, it also allows you to express your unique message, your business values and your commitment to working with your customers.

2. 🎨Sticking to a primary colour palette is vital, especially in terms of conveying a really strong and appealing brand identity. A specific colour palette, creates structure, cohesiveness, consistency and is much more pleasing on the eye than a jumble of confusing colours and visuals

3. Ditch the generic email address -

If you truly want to make a living out of your business, then start treating it like one! A professional email address that is attached to your domain will convey a higher level of professionalism and potentially a higher standard of service. 
4. Master one social media platform at a time -

You hear me say this all the time- the key is to keep it simple. Pick one platform (ideally the one that your ideal target market spends their most time on) and focus on only that single platform until you have mastered it.

5. Use High Quality Visuals

Although your story is a really important part of creating a strong brand identity, no one really wants to see what you had for lunch or even worse, your best selfie for no reason at all.

If you can connect these images to the message you are trying to convey to your ideal clients, then that is fine, but if you’re only posting for the sake of posting, then it may not be worth it.

Especially in 2019, high-quality visuals are seriously so crucial when it comes to attracting your target audience. Make sure what you’re posting fits in with your brand & message.
  • The only ‘secret’ to marketing a lot of the time is this:

Great story.

Because story is how we connect with the world.

Your ideal customers too.

They are living a story which they tell themselves.

But here's the thing most people don't do: you have to put yourself in their shoes.

To know what drives them.

As a business owner you should truly understand the story your ideal client is living.

What is their pain? What truly keeps them up at night?

What are their desires?

What is the better future they want?

Your role is to help them get there.

By crafting a story that allows you to change their lives.

Because people fundamentally buy for one reason.

They are investing in a better future.

They will only trust you to invest in that better future when you set yourself apart as an expert in your field.

Here's how it works.

First you must engage and serve them.

Develop a FREE offer. Give it without expecting something in return.

Now free content may seem like a great gift. But information is cheap.

And they have to invest their TIME. The most valuable resource in the world.

So, you better make it really freaking good.

Your Free Offer must also show them there's a NEW way.

Provide them with the framework. Give the ideas to believe they can change their lives.

Once you have built this trust - once you have delivered results in advance - it's time to introduce the PAID offer.

Something that truly helps them make a MASSIVE shift towards changing the story of their lives.

Once they make this shift, you can offer them the highest-end solution to their problem.

Do you incorporate story in your brand? 💁

Let me know below i'd love to hear your story!! 🖥️Website for my amazing client, Beautiful Mind Beautiful You Coaching by Charlotte @charlotte.lew1ngton
  • Want to get clients, grow your Instagram and increase your revenue?

BE YOU!!!! Be yourself. Dare to be different and share your unique sauce with the world because A) Trying to be like someone else is exhausting.


B) People will CONNECT with you!

Post every day. TALK in your stories.
Consistently be YOU. Consistently connect.
Know your ideal client inside and out.
Solve their problems. (oh and having a beautiful website to grow your email list, look professional and convert visitors into clients doesn't hurt either 😘). Sincerely,

Brand & Website Designer for Female Entrepreneurs .
. .
. .

  • 🔥HOW TO WRITE YOUR BIZ STORY SO IT CAPTIVATES + CONVERTS: 🔥 ↘️ You don’t need a special talent to craft your own business story. 💁

First, define the 4️⃣key moments of your business story:

Which problem do you solve?

Which insight sparked the start (or pivoting) of your business?

What are you doing now to fix the problem?

What’s your mission?

When you connect your mission to your founding story, you energize and motivate your audience.

Think about this today! Write it down. Say it out loud. Practice recording yourself!

I will be sharing MORE on this but this is part 1! Stay tuned!!! Cheers!
Jess .

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