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  • 💲Not making any sales on Instagram or from your website? .💲. . 🔥Are you POSITIVE you're clear on who you're serving online?👀. An ideal client avatar is a detailed profile of your target customer. That one person you would LOVE to work with and wants to buy from you.

Here are some questions to answer when writing your ideal customer avatar:

Where do they hang out online? (Social media platforms, forums, blogs, entertainment websites, etc). What are their demographics? (Age, gender, location, occupation, income level, education level, etc). What podcasts, YouTubers, influencers, tv shows, movies do they follow?

How do they spend their free time?

What struggles and pain points do they have?

What are their values, interests, and lifestyle? (Do they value spending time with family? How do they use social media? Is living a healthy lifestyle important?). Getting crystal clear 🔮 on who it is you want to attract will make every other step easier and will help you get more clients and quality leads from your website and Instagram. ⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️⬇️. 🥰Who's your ideal client?!! Write out a brief description below! You never know your ideal client could  find you right here!! 👀
  • When it comes to your website and getting clients from Instagram, if you're doing all of your marketing organically, providing value is KEY.

What's in it for them?

Your audience, your reader, your podcast listener, your video viewer, etc. - maybe it's laughter, maybe it's a tutorial, etc. there are SO many different ways to provide value through your website and Instagram but you need to be able to answer that question.

Don't be afraid to give away your best stuff!! If you feel like you're providing a ton of value but not getting any return in engagement or 💲, then you need to focus on your audience.

Go check them out, who are they, what do they do, who do they follow, etc. Comment on their photos, like their videos and engage with them. Don't worry about more new people until your current audience is fully engaging with you!

AND #mondaymoveswithjess get in your Direct Messages!!! Message people who follow you, watch your stories, comment on and like your posts. Send them a nice thoughtful message and actually get to know your tribe! That's how you truly start building a community and getting people who will buy from you. Think "how would I feel if I recieved this message from a stranger?". Work on your ✨KLT factor✨aka your know, like and trust factor every day.

And just because I was in 4-H I'm going to end this off with take messy action, just start, don't worry about being perfect cause babe, "you've gotta learn to do by doing!" 😉

  • The #1️⃣ Branding Exercise You Need to Do:

Did you have a bunch of guesses. 👀 as to what it was?

As I like to call it - your exclusivity statement, AKA the statement that distinguishes your business and brand from all the others out there. It's a positioning statement that states what you do, for whom, and what makes it unique.

So how do you do it? You need to write down the What (category), How(differentiation characteristic), Who(for what customer), Where(market geography), Why (what do they want/need) and When (during -underlying trend) of your brand.

Here's a couple examples for you:

Example: A Fashion Blogger

WHAT: The ONLY fashion blogger

HOW: that writes specifically about clothing sales

WHO: for women on a budget

WHERE: living in the USA

WHY: who want to be stylish but not break the bank

WHEN: in an era of fast fashion ➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖➖ ➖➖➖➖➖
Example: A Relationship Coach

WHAT: The ONLY 1:1 relationship coach

HOW: that is a matchmaker

WHO: for women 50+

WHERE: living the jetsetter lifestyle

WHY: who want a partner that wants to go on adventures with them

WHEN: in an era of online dating

You can leave the where out if your clients are global like mine. Most of my clients are from the USA, Canada or the UK. But get SO CLEAR on what makes you different, what makes you stand out and your unique sauce.

ACTION TAKERS💃: Write this out for YOUR biz/brand. The clearer you are on what makes you unique, the clearer potential clients will feel when they come across your website and have them saying "YES!" I want to work with her!"
  • Quit lying to yourself and thinking that your dreams and goals aren't worth it.

Do you want more out of life? Out of your job? .
You've got goals & dreams. You're meant for more. You're meant to change the world and have a positive impact on others.

What's stopping you? Doubt. Fear. Other people's opinions?

Maybe your friend made a negative comment when you mentioned to her you'd like to travel the world.

Maybe your significant other or your friend told you that you won't succeed. They're not supportive of your dream to go after what you want.

Maybe your family tells you that you need to stay put at the job you may like or the job you don't like because of your boss Suzy.(and I mean until your dream actually replaces that income put in the work). It's all fear. It's all doubt. and none of it has to be true for you.

You're believing it.. it's what you're supposed to believe because it's "normal", right?. No. STOP believing it right now.

We don't have to shrink ourselves, our dreams, our goals, or even how you appear just to appease others.

You may be too much for your Aunt Becky and your goals and dreams may be too large for other people in your life and that's okay!

I need to tell you this though:

Sometimes those who view us in a negative light or who doubt our ability are showing a reflection of who they are internally.

You have a bigger purpose.

You may feel like you don't deserve it or that you shouldn't because of what other ppl might think.

NEWS FLASH: This is the big lie you have been telling yourself. (I know because I wanted more, but felt I had to stick within the norm and societies standard.). You are meant to set goals, play big, and go after what you want because the world needs you to! .

There are people who can get on board with you playing big, showing up as your best self.

When you get uncomfortable and you let go of what no longer serves you, not everyone will be happy... and that's okay.

It's your time, girl.

Be unapologetically you, live out your purpose. Go for your dreams.

Quit waiting for permission or letting what other people might think stop you.

  • 3️⃣ Questions Your Audience Should Be Able to Answer Within Five Seconds of Looking At Your Website or Marketing/Social Media:

1️⃣ What do you offer?

2️⃣ How will it make my life better?

3️⃣ What do I need to do to buy it?

If it isn't so clear that a caveman can figure it out, you're most likely losing sales.

Have a website? Have an Instagram page you're using for business? Get some feedback. Don't be afraid of criticism. Test. Trial.

Don't let your message and your offer get lost in a ton of confusion!


Let me know below!!!⬇️. Do you feel like these 3️⃣ things are clear on your website or Instagram page? Let me know why or why not!

I get it, I've been there too, back before all of my clients started coming from Instagram I didn't know what the heck I was doing and instead of posting even a photo- I wouldn't post anything at all! Therefore not getting in front of anyone!

STEP 1️⃣:
📝BRAIN DUMP. Get a piece of paper, dump all of your ideas down on paper, and organize it. Get 10-30 ideas written out and just brainstorm and chicken scratch all your thoughts there.

STEP 2️⃣: ⠀
You HAVE to ask yourself these questions when creating content: ⠀
1. Is this relevant to my ideal client? 💁 Is this something they actually need, or is it just something I "think" they need? Or is it just something I feel like posting today?

2. Is this relevant to the service or product or course I want to drive people to? ➡️ Does teaching or sharing this build my trust, relationship, value, credibility, and awareness?

3. Is this relevant to me TODAY? Is it true to me? Am I helping my ideal client get a mini-win today?

AAAAND you get major 🔥 Bonus Points🔥 for these questions:

1. Will this get shared?
2. Will people scream “omg, that’s so true?”
3. Will this make someone say “wow, I truly needed this today?”
4. Will it encourage someone to work with me?

Content is king on social media right now and if you're genuinely trying to grow your Instagram to send leads to your website or book clients just posting to post or not putting any thought into your captions - especially with your ideal client in mind is not going to work. ⬇️ Does this help you when it comes to creating your content?? Let me know below!


So I've made it my mission to get really good at copywriting and I mean 🔥REALLY 🔥good SO I'm sharing these tips with you! 🥰

1. 😮Write a stellar headline that gets people to click or pause their scroll. Ppl do judge books by their cover.

2. Be a problem solver🤔 — When someone clicks on your page, it’s because they think you’re the solution to what’s been bugging them. Make sure you understand your customers’ pain point, and how YOU are the solution.

3. Be Yourself 💃— While the competition might be tight in your industry, the one thing missing is YOUR SPECIAL SAUCE -write how you talk.

4. Write to your ideal reader 📝— Make sure you have a clear understanding of your dream client! ⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀
5. Highlight benefits 💭 — A V6 engine is a product feature. How fast your car goes from 0–60 is a benefit. Your reader cares far more about the benefits of your product or service, because they are what create an emotional pull.

6.Understand the knowledge gap 🤓 — Don't forget you're an expert in your industry.  Don't use words and verbiage your clients won't understand.

7. Create a compelling & strong call to action — 👀Show people how life can be better with whatever you have to offer them. Show them what they’ll miss out on. Make sure it’s crystal clear how you can improve their life.

8. Write in short paragraphs 💁— Shorter paragraphs allow your reader to more easily stick with your content, and understand the message.

9. Use a photo of yourself 😊— This can be a tough one for some to get over online. Your audience is much more likely to buy from you if they feel some sort of personal connection. Including a picture helps you differentiate your business, and build the like, know & trust factor.

10. Make it easy to take action✔️ — This is so much more than the call to action. It’s also making sure your contact information is readily available in multiple locations on your website. It is also making sure the path to buying your product is clear. Making it easy for your reader to take action is crucial to writing copy for websites.

Was this helpful?!
Let me know below and I'll share more! 💜😊. Cheers!

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